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“the study content in this course was way too general and wasn’t challenging at all”

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2 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Connor.

My overall take from this course was one of frustration and disappointment. I chose to do the i to i Tefl course mostly because of the can-do attitude presented on their sleek website. The course is made out to be a top-notch study experience with excellent customer service and a guaranteed teaching job at the end. In reality, the course wasn’t that great.

The 120-hour course took less than 20 to complete and this was because it is very basic. Some of the subjects covered do sound promising at first but when you get started you find yourself reading an extended synopsis rather than a carefully crafted study program. I understand that you can’t expect too much from these online courses but the study content in this course was way too general and wasn’t challenging at all. The spelling mistakes in the study content reinforced my overall take that a lot more thought had been placed on website design and marketing presentation than on the product itself. There are no customer services provided with this course either and good luck trying to contact anyone at i to i Tefl anyway. In the end, I did pass the course (no shock there) and I did get my Tefl certificate, which I must write looks good. I just went with the electronic version of the certificate because I didn’t feel like paying the exorbitant fee for the hard copy, and I decided to look for a job by myself because paying i to i Tefl for a job placement just didn’t sit well with me. I’m guessing the i to i Tefl course is better than the crazy cheap courses I’ve seen selling on Groupon but I can’t imagine there is that much of a difference in quality between them.

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