Uni-Prep’s 120-Hour TESOL Certificate

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Uni-Prep’s 120-Hour TESOL Certificate review.

2 star online tefl review

UNI-Prep review, submitted by Graham.

Uni-Prep’s 120-Hour TESOL Certificate review.

I’m a high school math teacher, and I got my teaching degree through an online program (WGU), so I feel I have some perspective on the opportunities and limitations of online courses. Uni-Prep’s 120-Hour TESOL Certificate ($195) was included on several lists and blogs I read, was within my budget, and was available online, so I thought it was the right fit for me.

I completed the course in less than 10 hours, and my advice would be to look elsewhere if you’re looking for actual instruction on how to teach English.

This is a minor gripe about the course, but I think it’s telling: each slide in the videos uses a free stock photo, the source of which is displayed at the bottom of each slide. At first, I thought it was sourced for the best practices or statements in the video, but then I realized the developers of the course literally posted the credit for every free image they used. There are lots of other indicators to me that this course was developed as cheaply as possible, to be resold at the highest rate the market would bear, but the fact they didn’t even bother to license photos for it really burns my biscuits.

I follow the owner of Uni-Prep on Twitter and she always seems to be sunning herself in some exotic holiday location. I’m all for capitalism, but get your product and services up to scratch before taking the eternal relax on the profits of your TEFL students.

I give Uni-Prep’s 120-Hour TESOL Certificate Course Program a 2-star rating.

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