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“The school office was impossible to get a hold of when things went south”

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2 star online tefl review

TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Tammy.

I finished the course in under a week, but I should have canceled and asked for my money back after the first module. This is a very disorganized school- the most disorganized course I have ever taken. The school office was impossible to get a hold of when things went south. And you WILL encounter technical issues when you study on this course. The course crashed on me only once, but it was when I was right in the middle of working on a module. Of course, being such a cheap course there is little to no support- you take one module at a time aimlessly without having a clue what your path is in this TEFL program. The Tefl Full Circle student services “coordinator” constantly makes mistakes, resulting in a breakdown in the communication chain. This meant that I didn’t have my certificate delivered properly to me for almost 6 months. If you choose to take this TEFL course, you will be able to use it to teach online; but if you are an organized person, everything about this school would drive you crazy. 2 stars are being very generous.

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