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TEFL Certification Online Ireland The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Bernadette.

TEFL Certification Online Ireland. I have taken online courses since the pandemic and I wanted to do a Tefl course so to be able to teach and earn some extra cash online. I currently live in Dublin so I searched for TEFL courses in Dublin and in Ireland in general. This program caught my eye and I enrolled and began it in December 2020. By the start of the new year I had finished it and a few weeks later I was teaching my first online class. what I really liked about the course was the ease with which you could study. It was possible to do a bit, take a rest, and then return to the part where I last left off. Not having a regimented schedule to stick to absolutely made this course worth it for me. The main advantage, of course, is that the course is completely online and this made it possible to do the course when I was working at the same time. I’m still in the same job and am managing a few online classes around my work schedule. The classes that I teach are scheduled for the early morning with my students. They are in the Japan Standard Time time zone so it works conveniently for me. The course price wasn’t cheap, but I already made back the course fee within the first month of my teaching. It was a great course and I do love teaching my students. 5 stars!

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