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MyTEFL review, submitted by Rosamund.

I just want to start my review of MyTEFL by stating that I didn’t use their job placement services. So this review is limited to the course that I took, the 120-Hour TEFL certification course – which, I thought, was very good. Why did I think it was very good? It was convenient. I paid, studied the modules, took the module quizzes, received the certificate, and began teaching online. Really simple. There is a lot of online teaching work. It did take me a while to get my foot in the door but once you do (and if you are a decent enough teacher) you will soon find yourself inundated with new classes. It took me about a month and a half from sending off my first resume to being offered a job. One word of advice for the procrastinators out there is that you can’t email off your resume and then sit back and wait for the job offers to come flooding in. It’s a competitive market. Many people are looking for teaching jobs online. You have to be proactive like I was. I would keep sending my resume and I would always try and address the email to the HR manager or someone who was responsible for the company hiring. I’m pretty confident the schools receive a huge number of resumes every single day. You need to make it happen that your one is the one that is read, and addressing your email (or even cover letter) to the right person (or even to just the right school’s name) will be putting your best foot forward. So, yes, MyTEFL was a very good course. It won’t turn you into the best teacher ever, but it does the job of teaching you about all the main areas of what you need to know as a TEFL teacher. The only negative is that MyTEFL only helps you with your job search if you pay for their job placement services. I chose not to and I still found a job.

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