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Accredited TEFL TESOL tefl online pro review, submitted by Dana.

Accredited TEFL TESOL. Am currently teaching English online.

Prompt responses. Great service. More importantly, though, the certificate opened the right doors for me for teaching jobs online. Having a fully accredited teaching certificate was worth the effort, money, and time. My tip is to begin applying for jobs while you are on the course because that way you can time it so you begin teaching once you have the certificate. This is the way I managed it. I received my certificate on a Friday and was teaching my first classes the following week. All the better-paying language companies expect you to have a fully accredited TEFL TESOL certificate. The ones I applied to, which were many, all expressly required that it also be a 120-Hour certificate. I hadn’t taught before, but that wasn’t an issue in the slightest. They must realize that teachers gain experience when they begin teaching. It makes sense if this is the case. I usually have something negative to write about something which I’ve paid for, but this time I am honestly 100% satisfied. My advice is to go for it. Since I began teaching online, I’ve had so much more time for myself and I earn much better money than I was getting before. The TEFL Online Pro program is absolutely worth it. Obvious to me now why they are the top-rated online program. Recommended purchase!

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