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“Within a week of finishing I already had some online students and had begun earning money”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Jeffrey.

Disclaimer: I received this (120-Hour) course as a birthday present so did not pay for it myself.

I didn’t really have a lot to do with the process of choosing this program but I do know that the person who did spend a lot of time comparing different TEFL program options, as well as comparing all the customer reviews. These were the two main reasons why they decided on teflonlinepro.com

The start was a bit bumpy because my login information and a welcome to the course email were mistakenly sent to the email address of the person who purchased the course. When I emailed the school they immediately rectified this though and I had no further issues accessing the course content. A good feature of the course is that you are able to change your password as many times as you want and you get really quick replies when you need something.

The course was excellent and my personal tutor provided exceptional service. I never had to wait longer than half a day for help or feedback. The excellent customer support has since continued as I now transition from student to teacher. Within a week of finishing, I already had some online students and had begun earning money. This means that I made back the initial investment of the course fee within the first few days of teaching.

Going forward I’ll likely stick with online teaching for the time being as I build on my student numbers and gain more teaching experience. My longer-term goal is to head off overseas and teach. I was told to contact the school back when I need help with that transition too.

You can’t go wrong with this school. They have great reviews, they have won awards, and they offer an excellent course with excellent customer service. If I had paid for the course myself I would still have strongly recommended it.

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