The Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

“Is Asian College of Teachers Legit?”

Is Asian College of Teachers Legit?

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Is Asian College of Teachers Legit Asian College of Teachers (ACT) review, submitted by David.

Is Asian College of Teachers Legit?

Great course, with a great teacher. Unfortunately, the job placement was atrocious. Billabong High International School in Pattambi, Kerala, India is undeveloped, it is not properly established. My accommodation was a joke, no toilet, no bathroom, no kitchen, no water, no phone or internet coverage. I can’t believe someone would allow international teachers to live and work in atrocious conditions. Please international teachers, just research the course, the country, and their placements. My teacher and classmates were awesome and made friends for life, Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing them. Also be careful, as they want you to obtain a tourist visa to complete the course, it’s actually against the law to study or work in a foreign country on a tourist visa, this is why I am asking international teachers to really research your course. Kochi is a wonderful area of Kerala, Keralan people are incredibly awesome and very helpful and friendly people. A change of attitude towards international teachers is needed. I have taught English in many countries, where the accommodation and general conditions were very different from India. Maybe more assistance from your employer is the answer, and remember you must do and pay for everything to get employment in India

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