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“I enrolled in the 140-hour course”

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TEFL Educator/TEFL Bootcamp review, submitted by Marlene.

I enrolled in the 140-hour course. I am very happy with it. After going through the materials supplied taking the exam and producing the lesson plans, I feel confident that I can begin teaching. I feel the teaching/learning method used by this course is very effective.

Our instructor has included so many resources for us to use reuse and apply in our teaching. I feel the basic course was quite thorough and equipped me with a good foundation for completing the more specialized courses as well. Our instructor was very reasonable in his expectations of us and gave very useful feedback after my submission of the exam and lesson plan.

I do feel equipped and just as importantly, encouraged about teaching ESL. When I started out, I did not have much confidence that I would actually be able to teach TOEFL exam prep. But after completing that part of the course, getting familiar with the test itself, and preparing a thorough lesson plan, I feel prepared to take on this type of teaching! I also feel better prepared to teach English to young learners and teach online. I am amazed that I feel this way and am very satisfied and happy with the results!
I know that I will still be learning as I go, but I am thankful for the resources included as I know that I will be able to go back to these at my convenience to help me in whatever situation I find myself in.

I am grateful for this course, for all that I learned, and for having an instructor who put together a great course for a really great price, very clearly being more concerned about our success than making a large profit. I highly recommend this course!

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