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TESL Canada OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Denecia.

TESL Canada.

What I valued above all else in this course was the detailed attention to the marking of my coursework assignments. Instead of receiving a pass or fail notification, the feedback went into detail about how I could further improve on the work I had submitted. This was especially poignant when applied to the lesson plan assignments as I could see where there would be room for improvement. I can’t overestimate enough how it is important to be able to create logically written lesson plans. Even if you are unsure of the subject matter, a well-crafted lesson plan will divide the class time into manageable sections and this essentially means that you can have 5 or 6 lesson plans contained within one lesson plan. I learned about Warmers, Presentation, Practice, Production, and Coolers. I never teach a lesson now without a prepared lesson plan and my students appreciate this for two reasons:

  1. It breaks down the lesson into relatable sections.
  2. It demonstrates that I have planned for my classes.

I’ve learned the hard way that students absolutely hate it when teachers come to class unprepared.

I don’t think that any TESL course can truly teach you everything and prepare you for all teaching scenarios, but this course taught me almost everything that I needed to know to start out as an ESL teacher. TESL training is, in my opinion, an ongoing learning experience- both for the students and the teacher.

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