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“TEFL Digital Nomad”

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TEFL Digital Nomad tefl online pro review, submitted by Lucas.

TEFL Digital Nomad.

The best thing about online TEFL learning is that you can take the course from anywhere in the world. All you need is a decent internet connection and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. At no point during my TEFL studies was I asked to travel to a brick-and-mortar place to complete any paperwork or enroll. The entire process is managed online. I enrolled online. I completed the course online. I received my certificate in a PDF file (you can opt for a hard copy certificate but that has to be posted to a physical address) and I received my international job guidance online. I took the 120-Hour TEFL Online Pro course at home, during covid, but I could just as easily have taken it in Timbuktu (not sure what their wifi connection speeds are like there though).

After completing the course and receiving my accredited TEFL certificate, I taught online. I found it exhilarating and really convenient because it meant not having to travel anywhere for my classes. My students were fine and all, but it was difficult getting used to the time difference. And classroom management was a really big issue in some of my classes. So I quit my job teaching Japanese students and now I teach predominantly to students wanting to learn English in the Middle East. The money is better, the students are far more motivated, and there isn’t such a big time difference between the time zones.

Because my family is from Italy, I managed to wag a flight over to Milano and I’ve practically been holed up here for the past six months – teaching and saving money.

When it is possible to fly over to Asia, I’ll probably reconnect with my Japanese students again as there won’t be the same time zone issues I experienced outside of Asia. I’ll still keep a hold of some of my Qatari students though as well.

What I really love about all this is that I can travel AND work at the same time.

TEFL Online Pro has been instrumental in making this lifestyle happen for me and I just want to give out a big thanks to everyone at the school!

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