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“Teaching in Thailand”

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Teaching in Thailand tefl online pro review, submitted by Margaret.

Teaching in Thailand.

I have had a wonderful experience TEFL training with TEFL Online Pro.

I enrolled in the course in December 20 and had everything sewn up by the start of the new year. I know there is an international pandemic going on, but I didn’t want that to stop the plans I made for myself in 19: to go and live and work in Thailand. Throughout the jobs assistance part of the after-course service I was in touch with Paul Murphy. He has been excellent throughout. Paul passed on all the information he knew about traveling to Thailand under Covid and then it was up to me to contact my home country embassy to check and see if I could realistically make it over there.

Normally, before Covid, you just had to turn up and apply for a job when you were there. Since Covid, Thailand now expects you to have all your paper work wrapped up BEFORE you travel. I’m sure this will revert back once Covid is over, but for the time being this is how the Thais have it arranged.

Among the documents I needed was a notarized copy of my TEFL Online Pro TEFL/TESOL certificate and this was also possible to arrange via Paul Murphy and the embassy. I thought it was a nice touch that TEFL Online Pro didn’t charge me extra for this extra service.

I’ve been teaching in Krabi Town now for just over a month and I LOVE IT!!!

It is SO beautiful here and my students are SO lovely. Plus the food is amazing and people in general are very friendly and hospitable. I work 20 hours per week and I earn 42,000 Baht per month. Apparently that’s a very good salary. It’s definitely enough for me because my rent is only 8,000 Baht a month! A meal in my favorite local restaurant sets me back just $2. I love how affordable it is here.

If you plan on teaching abroad and you are unsure of which TEFL company to train with I’d recommend looking into the TEFL Online Pro course. They are accredited too, so you don’t need to worry whether the certificate will be accepted or not.

Top marks for the course and the support, but not such great marks for the current government restrictions of getting over to Thailand. Still, it has been worth all the red tape to get here and I have TEFL Online Pro to thank for that!

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  1. Hello Margaret,

    Thank you very much for your TEFL Online Pro certification course review. We appreciate your feedback!

    Wishing you teaching English success in Thailand, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager

    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

    https://www.acteflc.com/ Fully Accredited TEFL Course Provider

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