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“This is a self-guided course but there is help and support along the way if needed”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Jackie.

Excellent course with a good mixture of useful and practical material, taught in an easy-to-understand method and presented in a user-friendly study format. I particularly liked the activities/games and learning how to create lesson plans. I prefer the learn by play method and it’s a whole lot more entertaining for the teacher and student than just learning straight out of a text book. At the start of the course I had no idea how a lesson plan should be structured but by the end of the course I had my lesson plans (almost) perfected. I thought the feedback I received on my assignments was helpful and included constructive feedback. This is a self-guided course but there is help and support along the way if needed. I can’t compare this particular course to others, because I have only ever taken this TEFL course, but purely on my experience I would give it a 5-star rating. When I completed the course I was referred over to Teach Away. This is the jobs support center for UoT TEFL. Teach Away have also been very responsive and very helpful and I’m looking forward to proceeding further when I’m ready to make my move overseas.

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