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“Very happy with my UoT TESOL course experience”

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UoT TESOL course experience OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Janney.

Very happy with my UoT TESOL course experience. The course content is laid out in a very attractive, user-friendly format, and there are also lesson planning assignments that are graded by the UoT TESOL program tutors. I thought the feedback on the assignments was excellent. The course is in the more expensive price bracket, and you are paying a premium for the UoT brand name, but I was given the course as a birthday present, so the price tag didn’t concern me. Compared with other TESOL programs, it costs way more for the certification, but again, I think that the association with the university makes it a good value for money overall. After the course finished, I was contacted by Teach Away, and they provided me with resources to look for work. At the moment it looks as though teaching online is pretty much there all is until the border opens again, so I’ve taken on a few online students and I’ve grown to really like teaching English online. At first, it was a bit strange, with your student sitting somewhere on the other side of the planet, but after a couple of lessons I got more used to the setup and it’s a really comfortable way to earn money online. It’s also proving to be great practice for when I can up sticks and move abroad. I can recommend the UoT TESOL online course to anyone wanting to get the university-branded certificate, and they also lived up to all their promises with regard to helping me find work after the course.

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