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“Sounds very good on the phone. Won choice awards as well”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Peter Shankar.

Sounds very good on the phone. Won choice awards as well. After exchanging a couple of emails and having a phone conversation with Paul, I wanted to know where my course would take me in terms of working hours. I explained this in an email to Paul. At first, he didn’t even bother replying. When I sent him a reminder email he said they don’t ‘provide job guidance’ to international clients and that I should enroll in the course first. When I told him that this could hardly be considered ‘job guidance’ and was part of the initial course inquiry, he again chose not to reply. Unfortunately, this guy prefers to ignore emails rather than deal with them directly. Coming from the education industry myself, I dare say he’s more a businessman than an educationalist.

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  1. Hello Peter,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your feedback of the TEFL Online Pro international TEFL/TESOL certification program, despite not having taken the program yourself.

    I do feel that it needs to be clarified that we responded to a phone call and five of your emails, answering all of your very specific teaching English online/abroad questions, and it was only when you proceeded to show very little interest in taking one of our courses that we decided that we wouldn’t be able to assist you any further with your job search.

    We do reserve the right to provide comprehensive job assistant services specifically for our customers.

    Wishing you all the best with your future teaching English career!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager
    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

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