“I escaped the 9 to 5 job treadmill”

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Teach English Abroad ICAL TEFL review, submitted by Tim.

Teach English Abroad. I escaped the 9 to 5 job treadmill.

Probably like many of you reading this, I was stuck in a job where I was paid too little and where too much was expected of me. The final straw came when a promotion was up for grabs and where I was a natural choice. It was given to another employee who had a family connection with the manager. That was it, I told myself. I was sick of working for relative peanuts and feeling that I wasn’t really going anywhere.

I became a member of many earn money online Facebook groups (none of them proved fruitful in any way) and then I became attracted to the idea of the travel and work combo. After spending weeks in front of my screen, I came across this teaching English overseas opportunity and it seemed like the perfect way to escape the 9 to 5 job treadmill.

As a (proud) Canadian, I wanted to take my TEFL through a Canadian company. ICAL was one of the companies which caught my attention, and after some further research, I paid for their 120-hour course and started their online teacher training course.

I was actually surprised by how straightforward the course was. It’s explained extremely well. OK, some of the units demand more brain power than others, but overall I would say this is a course that most Canadians can pass without any teaching experience.

A month later, I booked a ticket to Bali. A few weeks after that, I moved on to Jakarta. Bali is beautiful, but the teacher market there is saturated. I taught in Jakarta for a year and then did another couple of semesters teaching in Surabaya, where there are endless teaching opportunities and where the air quality is much cleaner than in the capital.

I met my future wife while I was teaching in Surabaya.

We moved back a few years ago to set up an online teaching business. We are still going strong.

Our school website is xxxxxxxxx.com

If you want out of the boring 9 to 5, take an online TEFL course and redefine your professional career. It takes courage but pays back many times over. Freedom is not free, you still need to work your socks off, but it’s worth it in the end.

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    We felt the need to hide your commercial website and the colloquial term for the backside, as these tend to devalue the content of a review 🙂

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