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“I give two stars for the course and zero for the support”

2 star online tefl review

Premier TEFL review, submitted by Karl.

I took the Premier TEFL 120 hour online cert. course and it took forever to get a reply from the online trainer. So much so that I just gave up trying. I didn’t really learn a lot on this course and having quicker feedback from my trainer would have helped a whole lot more. When I did get feedback they were very generic responses, like cut and paste answers that didn’t really answer my question.

I give two stars for the course and zero for the support.

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  1. If the support had been there on the course, I might have been tempted to sign up for their Premier TEFL Thailand job placement. But it wasn’t, so I am going to look for work myself. Anyway, I read negative things about any type of job placement. But I love Thailand. I was torn, but in the end the course experience made me wonder if the job placement would also be run without that much needed support.

  2. Hello Karl.

    It really isn’t necessary to go through an employment recruitment agency. You can go online and search for TEFL Jobs and you’ll easily be able to find something by yourself.

    Having the support of a school that helps their graduates with international job support can really make a difference in finding yourself where you want to be and being paid what you expect.

    If you would like to go through a recruitment agency then we have heard good reports about Teach Away.

    Good luck!

    Mia Williams

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