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“Vantage TEFL Certification 120-hour combined course review”

120-Hour Vantage TEFL combined course certification.

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Laura.

Vantage TEFL Certification 120-hour combined course review.

I took the combined online TEFL study course whereby I studied teaching methodologies online and then attended their 2-week, in-class teacher training program. I really loved the teaching practicum. It was great to visit Thailand again and the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. I’m sorry that I have to write this though because everyone was just so lovely there, but the online section of the course, in my opinion, was a huge let down in terms of quality and feedback. If I had to repeat the experience, I would save up the extra funds needed to take the whole course in-class and completely miss out on the online part. Having read other reviews of other online TEFL programs on, I can see that if you want to take your TEFL exclusively online or online/combined, you should really go with a program that specializes in online study. Still though, Vantage did help me find work afterwards, so definitely no regrets on that front.

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