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“A very unprofessional company”

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Enjoy TEFL review, submitted by James.

If I could give zero stars then this would be fitting for the TEFL course which I took with Enjoy TEFL. I completed the course almost a year ago to the day, and until today, I have STILL NOT received my TEFL certificate. I have emailed so many times and still Enjoy TEFL is unwilling to assist. They also categorically wrote me that they would not be able to help me get a job, as posted on their school website. A very unprofessional company and I certainly didn’t get what I paid for.

I can only assume that the reason for the terrible treatment is because groupon offers the 180 course for 29.99, and they normally charge 120. Still, not worth it either at 120.

You can never get anyone on the phone and the emails never address your concern(s). They just thank you for your purchase and then you’re left without any meaningful support.

My advise to anyone thinking about using Enjoy TEFL is to reconsider your options and choose a different TEFL course.

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