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“mandatory to complete the 2 additional units of business English and teaching teenagers/children.”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Ian.

I took the TEFL course through tefl online pro last summer, and I felt it did a good job of educating me in all things TEFL-related. I can’t compare it to other online TEFL courses as this was my first time taking a study course online. I do remember it being a well-designed course and I never felt bored or demotivated as I thought I would feel taking something online. I did like how I was able to start the course right after my payment was sent and I also liked the support provided. The course comes with a private tutor who will get back to you quickly after you send off a private message. I could also see that they gave a damn about you at the end of their studies, and they did spend a lot of time with me before I got my job teaching overseas. I was teaching within a month or so of the final module completion.

What I didn’t like though was how it was mandatory to complete the 2 additional units of business English and teaching teenagers/children. I had/have absolutely no desire to teach children and I just don’t see myself teaching business English either in the future. So I felt this part of the course was a bit of a waste of time for me.

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  1. Thank you very much for your review Ian. We definitely understand that it must be frustrating to study something which holds no interest for you. This morning, at our weekly team meeting, I brought up your issue raised and in future if anyone doesn’t want to study one (or both) of the additional units then they will have the option of not needing to study the unit(s). It’s actually the first time that someone has brought up this issue, but we listen to all of our customers and have definitely taken your feedback into account. Thank you again Ian for taking the time to leave your feedback and we wish you continued success teaching English abroad. Please remember to get back in touch with us should you choose to change your teaching location and we will be here to provide you with ongoing support. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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