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“I had an incredibly negative experience with TEFL Trainer.”

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TEFL Trainer review, submitted by Anonymous.

I had an incredibly negative experience with TEFL Trainer. I was placed in a language school in Madrid by Julia, the head of TEFL Trainer. I signed an internship agreement that assured me that the lessons I would give as an intern would be monitored and evaluated and that ongoing support would be provided. As it turned out, the language school was solely staffed with Erasmus interns from England and Germany, which ran all English classes that the school offered at regular prices. It sold these classes as run by trained professionals.

This is certainly one of the unprofessional companies that you read about whose business model is to exploit interns for profit. Once I complained to the head of TEFL Trainer, Julia, who was supposed to be a neutral intermediary and responsible for placing me in a professionally run school, she behaved in the most unprofessional way possible. Instead of figuring out a solution to my complaint, she started insulting me and stated that she had immediately forwarded my feedback to the school. The school then ended my internship without any explanation and I was not given the contact details of the head of the school despite repeatedly asking for them – neither by Julia nor by the school’s employees. I later found out that the head of this language school is Julia’s husband. In her correspondence with me, she claimed not to be responsible for the school’s decision and offered no help whatsoever.

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