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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Michael.

I definitely felt mislead about the job prospects ITA like to boast about online. When I began applying for work overseas, no-one I interviewed with had ever heard of ITA. I just felt that ITA were entirely focussed on selling their product and would say anything to do so. I was in communication with a guy named Robert who should be in the business of selling PVC windows. Not TEFL courses. I would like to conclude that while the course was good and communication with staff good, the whole operation is far far away from being anywhere similar to a university level setup and for the money they charge for their courses this really shouldn’t be the case. When you finish the course it turns out they are not even responsible for finding you work. Instead they refer you to a third party website which makes money from your job search (teachaway). This left me fuming. Why had I just spend $$$ on a course which promises a job guarantee only to then be handed over to an agency to be offered low paying jobs which they make a commission from? This is not standard practice and my advice is to ask (in detail) about ITA’s job guarantee before signing up. A good course. Good support. Horrible job finding services.

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