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INTESOL Worldwide review.

3 star online tefl review

INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Drew.

INTESOL has a lot of fingers in the TEFL training courses pie and this can be seen by the jumble of courses which are listed on their website. I found it incredibly difficult to make a decision about which course I should take that would be best for me, but in the end, I settled on their “most popular” 120 Hour Certificate in TEFL and TEYL.

I am also puzzled with their pricing system because all their courses are advertised as reduced in price, but they never update these prices, so why not simply show the real price of the course all the time and not pretend that the courses are ever sold at the higher price? My course was advertised as reduced from £345.00 to £175.00, but I would place down good money that nobody has ever paid the £ 345.00-course fee. I understand it is a marketing ploy but I’d expect to see this type of pricing method in a sofa warehouse and not on the website of a TEFL training company.

Anyway, I got over these initial frustrations and in good faith made my course payment, was provided with my login to their “INTESOL Online Campus” (the online course section), and got started.

My overall impression of the course was that it covered everything I needed to know about TEFL and TEYL and I was mostly satisfied with my online study experience. Help was available if required and the course modules were presented in a clear, logical, and comprehensive order.

As another reviewer on here mentioned, their accreditation is a joke and they should really do something about that, but I have since read that all TEFL course accreditations are a joke, so you can’t really blame INTESOL for joining that bandwagon.

Overall a good course and although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to others, I wasn’t particularly dissatisfied with it either. It basically does what it says on the tin and I hope it will help when I start the process of looking for teaching work in Asia.

TEFL Online Pro Best TEFL TESOL Certification courses 2023

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INTESOL Worldwide Review | Legit or Scam in 2022 and 2023?

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