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3 star online tefl review

INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Paul.

I chose this particular INTESOL TESOL Training Online certification course because of the remote learning benefits. The course materials were thorough enough to feel challenging and I was surprizingly shocked at how little I actually new, and genuinely impressed with how well the course delivered so that my gaping holes of knowledge were quickly filled.

+ the course comes with tutor support and email response times are good.

+ the flexibility of working at your own pace.

+ internationally recognized TESOL certification.

+ they offer combined online/face courses.

_ unless you agree to accepting a job placement through the program there isn’t a whole lot of after-course support in finding a job.

_ as another reviewer on trustedteflreviews mentioned, their accreditation doesn’t really come over as being on the up. Perhaps a recommendation for INTESOL would be to consider changing their accreditation.

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  1. Hi Paul.

    I read your review and wanted to add a note about accreditation.

    While we can’t comment directly on any school’s choice of accreditation, readers should be aware that there is no international accreditation body for TEFL/TESOL. Any school which claims accreditation has most likely simply paid for the privilege.

    You can read more on questions surrounding accreditation here:


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