TEFL Org UK certification course review

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TEFL Org UK certification course review.

3 star online tefl review

TEFL Org UK review, submitted by P L.

I had an overall mixed experience with my TEFL Org UK certification Online course experience. The enrollment process was swift and without issue and I was helped through the process of getting started with the course. Up until when I paid for the course (120-hour) I received excellent service, but it did fall quite dramatically once payment had gone through. I very nearly didn’t manage to complete the course in time because communication at the other end was slow at best and I very nearly needed to pay for a course extension because of this slow pace of feedback. The course itself was OK. I did find sections of it demanding and it taught me a basic awareness of teaching English, with some sections delivering more than others. All in all, I would say the course was pretty good and worth the money. No substantive support in finding a job after the course though was sorrily missing.

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