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“I was unimpressed with International TEFL Academy’s TEFL program”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Angelina.

I enrolled in the 11-Week Online TEFL Certification course with the International TEFL Academy (ITA) because I was looking for a TEFL course that combined teaching methodology and teaching practice classes. ITA bill it as its best-selling TEFL course. For the purchase price of $1,299 USD, it was the most expensive online TEFL course I found in my online research and I assumed the high price tag would mean a high-quality TEFL course.

Unlike most other online TEFL courses, the one offered by ITA has specific start and finish dates. I felt uneasy committing to a specific time slot, but, on the other hand, I figured it would push me and I would be motivated to complete the course.

If I were choosing again, I wouldn’t choose an online TEFL course with specific start and end dates.

I would choose one that is self-paced and one that you can study when you have the time.

The course was OK.

There was a sense of camaraderie among the other students on the course in the first week, but that soon waned as some students dropped out and others became stressed trying to meet the constant coursework deadlines.

All of my teaching practice lessons were taught teaching students online.

I didn’t mind this, but a lot of my students were obviously used to the grind of meeting new TEFL students each month. Some were enthusiastic, and some were downright rude and bored.

I looked at other combined TEFL options and noticed a disparity in course prices.

TEFL Online Pro’s Hybrid course, for example, is about a third the cost of ITA’s and at the end of the course, you get a Fully Accredited TEFL TESOL certificate through either program.

You can compare each course here:

And TEFL Online Pro’s combined course is self-paced and without specific start and end dates.

Despite my disappointment with many aspects of ITA’s TEFL course, I can say that the nuts and bolts of the course content were well put together. It made sense.

Overall, though, I was unimpressed with International TEFL Academy’s TEFL program.

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