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TEFL Certificate UNI-Prep review, submitted by Tommy.

TEFL Certificate.

I learned a lot from this program. The most interesting part for me was learning how to build effective lesson plans. The course teaches you that as long as you have a solid lesson plan structure, the rest of the lesson will seamlessly fall into place. As I progressed through the course, I saw the wisdom of this. No matter how arduous, or difficult a lesson topic is, a well-structured lesson plan will place you in an advantageous position where you can successfully execute a good lesson for your students. They also teach you that in the event of being asked a question you don’t know the answer to, you can put a pin in that and continue with it in the next lesson. This gives you time to research the material and return to the next class with the answer ready for your student(s). Uni-Prep also is quick on the draw with replies to questions and coursework grading. The only reason for the low review grade is that it’s now been more than three months and I still haven’t gotten my TEFL course certificate. I keep emailing and calling the Uni-Prep office but each time I get the same answer “It is on its way”. I really need the TEFL certificate delivered ASAP because I haven’t been able to apply for jobs without the certificate. I’m hoping Uni-Prep is reading this and that it pushes them to expedite the issuing of my documents.

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