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uniprep tesol review | Is Uni-Prep TEFL legit or a scam in 2022 and 2023?

3 star online tefl review

uniprep tesol review UNI-Prep review, submitted by Dexter.

My uniprep tesol review.

First, the good.

The course I took with uniprep tesol wasn’t over-complicated. I think anyone can pass the course, even TEFL students who may not be native speakers. If you put your mind to it (like I did) you can finish the course in a few days.

Some people might say that’s too fast but it isn’t a 4-year college degree and I appreciated the fact that I could complete it so quickly.

Everything was online with no physical interaction with a tutor or students.

Again, this was fine for me because I wanted to take the tesol online.

It’s a UK-based company and although I did sometimes find the British spelling of words and the British version of grammar confusing, it wasn’t really a big issue for me, and towards the end of the course, I felt I’d learned about TEFL and British English.

Now, the bad.

No one ever replied to my emails. It’s an ongoing issue, now that I could really do with getting some job placement help.

When I was in the enrolment period of my communication with uniprep, they would get back to me within a day or two.

After I paid, I never got another email from them again.

It’s a fully automated course.

This might appeal to some TEFL students but left me feeling a bit lost because of the zero guidance.

My uniprep tesol review is a fair reflection of my experience with this TEFL training company.

It could be that I was just unlucky and they are usually good at getting back to their students.

All I can report on is my own experience with uniprep.

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uniprep tesol review | Is Uni-Prep TEFL legit or a scam in 2022 and 2023?

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  1. If it were me, I would avoid Uni-Prep TEFL.
    They are “accredited” by Accreditat, which is, to put it midly, a dodgy accreditation body.
    Accreditat also “accredit” World TESOL Academy’s courses, so that should be enough to put anyone off buying a Uni-Prep TEFL online certification course.

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