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“I highly recommend teaching English online”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Cathryn A.

OISE Toronto University’s TEFL course came highly recommended to me and have been through the program, I certainly extend that recommendation. Having been interested in Education for a while, the program didn’t disappoint in educating me about teaching English to non—native speakers, such as the value of making well-organized lesson plans, understanding how to present a new language to students, and understanding the importance of being a student motivator. I gained a tremendous amount of new information from the course, information I will certainly use in the future, and I am truly proud that I passed the course with a high grade. The course wasn’t just limited to completing tests. I also had to create lesson plans, which were then graded by the school’s administration, and this helped me understand how I could incorporate sections of study material into a 60 or 90-minute class, and how I could organize my time better in my classes. One area which I thought was of real importance was the explanation of TTT (Teacher Talking Time) and STT (Student Talking Time). I now understand much much much better how teaching foreign language tuition in a class of non-native speakers works logistically.

After I completed the course my TEFL certificate was delivered to my home address after just 3 weeks, and I was contacted by Teach Away (which I think is their sister company) to see whether I required any help finding work. Because of Covid-19, obviously, I asked mainly about teaching jobs online and they directed me to a long list of schools to which they recommend their teachers apply for work. Because a lot of other people around the world are also wanting to work online in these difficult times it did take a little longer than I had expected to get job interviews, but after I did interview for a bunch of schools the offers for work just came flooding in. I highly recommend teaching English online.

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  1. I always hear great things about this company.
    It’s an expensive course, but sometimes you just want to pay a premium for a premium product.
    If it were me, I’d either choose OISE UoT or TEFL Online Pro.
    CIEE TEFL is also a recommended program from reports I’ve heard from other ESL teachers.

  2. I also recommend teaching online. In Thailand you earn more teaching English online than you do when you teach for a school in person.

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