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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Max.

During the lockdown, after losing my full-time job, I started looking to do some formal online learning that would translate into a real-world living wage. I saw an advert for Premier TEFL’s courses on a travel website. They were offering a sweet deal at the time, the TEFL course was just $299, which made it easy on the bank balance. I’ve taken a number of online courses before but never a really serious one like a TEFL course. I had only taken the kind of courses before where you pay something like $10 and at the end, you print out your own certificate and feel that you learned very little in the process. The Premier TEFL online course was different in that I felt that I was in a serious program that demanded a lot from me and when I received the course certificate it felt like I had earned it. I must also write that the course is well presented and the tutors clearly understood their subject matter. I was blown away by their knowledge actually. The great thing about Premier TEFL is that they also help you when you are starting your job search. When I asked them if they could help me find an online teaching job they responded by pointing me in the right direction. It’s not job placement per se but extremely helpful nonetheless. Two thumbs up!

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