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“Best TEFL 2021”

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Best TEFL 2021 tefl online pro review, submitted by Adelin.

Best TEFL 2021.

I’ve never really liked using the term ‘The Best’ because one person’s nectar can be another person’s poison. However, in this case, I’m proud to openly admit that this 120-hour TEFL Online Pro course was exceptional from enrollment to graduation.

I now know why TEFL Online Pro has won awards for its TEFL/TESOL courses.

Here are a few outstanding positives of the course:

  1. I always (and I mean always) got a response from them in only a couple of hours after sending off an email or private message through the course study area. Sometimes, the responses were immediate. I’ve never experienced this level of attentiveness from any other company.
  2. The course is very very good – covering everything you need to know about teaching English. And more. They also give you lots of free activity games to use later on with your students.
  3. I only paid $200 US for the course, inclusive of everything.
  4. My tutors were the perfect online teachers, who guided me through the course whenever I got stuck. Lauren and Michael alternated time slots so there was always someone there at the other end in case I had a question, or two, or three 🙂
  5. The information you learn in the course is presented through interesting visuals and you are then tested on how much you have absorbed the information with fun multiple-choice quizzes.
  6. There are two lesson plan coursework assignments (Modules 6 and 11) which were nice additions to the course because they showed me how to condense the right amount of information into a class and showed me exactly how it should be presented. I kept the templates and used them for all my classes.
  7. The certificate looks great and includes the ACTEFLC Fully Accredited logo. I was impressed with how the certificate looked, and so was my now-present language school employer.
  8. When TEFL Online Pro says they help with job support, they mean it. Caitlin worked with me on my resume and Paul worked with me on the logistics of finding work. They weren’t able to physically arrange job interviews for me, but they did everything else.
  9. The first job I interviewed for I got the job. The school asked me a ton of questions and because the course was so informative and relevant I didn’t have any issues answering those questions.
  10. TEFL Online Pro offers lifetime job support, which is great to know when I want to travel somewhere else to teach.

Any negative points or room for improvement?

I honestly can’t think of any right now. The program delivered on all its promises and the result of taking the course was a very well-paid teaching job in the end. I have absolutely nothing to complain about and I would recommend TEFL Online Pro in a heartbeat.

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words, Adelin.

    We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

    Wishing you teaching English success, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager

    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

    https://www.acteflc.com/ Fully Accredited TEFL Course Provider

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