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Teach English online jobs tefl online pro review, submitted by Kevin.

Teach English online jobs. This course was a life safer for me.

All thanks to the coronavirus, I got laid off from my work with only a few days’ notice. The shutdown meant that my employer was forced to lay off staff because it’s the hospitality sector and I was the last one in so was the first one out. Because of this, I very quickly found myself facing a potentially dire financial situation ahead. There was the option of possibly getting money from the government, but I have a couple of loans and I didn’t want to fold on them. Plus, I hate the idea of not working and being completely reliant on handouts. So I did a lot of digging around on the internet and found out there were teaching English online jobs. I sent off my resume to a bunch of schools and one got back to me to let me know that they were taking on teachers, but I would need to get the TEFL certificate before they could offer me any hours. When I asked them which TEFL they recommend I take they specified one with a 120-hour length, and this was how I ended up taking the TEFL through the TEFL Online Pro international program.

The whole TEFL learning experience was great. I had a couple of questions before I enrolled and got swift replies back. This was a good sign that the company was on top of it, so I went ahead and enrolled in the Professional 120-hour course. After I had paid I had my course username and password within minutes and I also received a personalized welcome to the course email, which I thought was a nice touch. It took me 2 weeks to complete all 14 modules and 2 lesson plans. And while I was studying I had help from an online tutor, who was also swift with his replies to my questions and in providing me with feedback on my lesson plans. I received the TEFL certificate and letter of recommendation the same day I completed the course. And a day after this, I received a whole load of information about teaching English online. Paul the Operations Manager offered to help me with a job search as well, but I didn’t need the help because I started teaching as soon as I had the certificate. I will be sure though to use the TEFL Online Pro job support services in the future though. The course was a life-saver for me. Thanks for everything TEFL Online Pro!

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