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“I successfully completed the i-to-i TESOL/TEFL course online”

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i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Amy.

I successfully completed the i-to-i TESOL/TEFL course online (2019).

If you are reading this now while you try and search for the right course to take, I know exactly what it is like. It completely overwhelmed me too – the dizzying choice of courses. The conflicting information. The obvious misinformation. Worrying whether it will be a scam or not, etc.

I must admit that what initially drew me to i-to-i was their flawless website. Top marks to their website design team! I then began asking questions about the course and about teaching jobs and they always got right back to me. So I decided to go for it.

I loved the online learning experience. As it was my first time I did have worries at the start though. I was mainly worried that I wouldn’t pass a test and end up failing the course. My worries were soon cleared as I saw that the course goes into detail and fully prepares you for the tests. I wouldn’t say that it is an easy course to take. Neither is it super difficult. Somewhere in-between I think is a fair assessment.

i-to-i TESOL is also there to support you through the job hunting process – they helped me to tailor my resume more effectively for an English teaching job interview, plus they provided interviewing tips which were also super helpful.

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