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TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Rita.

I have been a high school teacher for the majority of my professional life, and as I’m reaching the age where it is always a good idea to change careers, having money saved in the bank, TEFL is the next chapter of my life. I was disappointed though with the TEFL Full Circle TEFL offering. The course does not really prepare you enough and I considered the syllabus to be a bit shabby around the edges. I did not mind the typos because, with any online material, these can’t always be escaped from. But the course materials were not up to the standard with which I had anticipated.

I did have a tutor and she was sometimes helpful to a degree. But it felt as though she wasn’t TEFL trained herself (sorry tutor, it’s nothing personal).

I felt satisfied with the look and feel of the certificate but felt duped by their advertised employment abroad service that never materialized.

Despite the false advertising, my banker advised me that I probably wouldn’t be successful in retrieving the course fee because I had confirmed receipt of the certificate.

Does anyone here have any tips for a recruitment agency?

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  1. Hello Rita.

    It’s really not necessary to go through a recruitment agency. You can go online and search for TEFL Jobs and you’ll be able to find something by yourself.

    If you would like to go through a recruitment agency then we have heard good reports about Teach Away.

    Good luck!

    Mia Williams

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