“Taking this course saved me a whole load of a world of pain”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Craig.

Needing to find a Tefl course to take pronto (long story) the one which caught my eye was my tefl academy TEFL program. They had a limited-time 35% discount at the time so it was a no-brainer for me to check my credit card balance, make the purchase, and begin taking the course. I mean, how comfortable and convenient does it get to study online? It doesn’t! 🙂 In just a week I passed the course and then it took a few more weeks (3) until the certificate dropped into my mailbox. Sweet! They did really kindly offer to help with job support through their recruitment partner, but I was already teaching. Things are getting stricter here in Vietnam now and my school was one of many raided to check the teachers had the work visa and TEFL qualifications. I had neither. I had to moped it over to the other side of HCMC to present my certificate. They gave a shrug and a look on their faces that at least to me showed they weren’t aware of the crackdown. Got it notarized and am still doing the visa runs without having any legal work papers. I’ll just face that brick wall when the time comes. Taking this course saved me a whole load of a world of pain.

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