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TEFL Course Review for Enjoy TEFL

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TEFL Course Review for Enjoy TEFL.

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Enjoy TEFL review, submitted by Matthew Potton.

I am shocked to see so many good reviews for this course. To put it simply, it’s terrible. The wording is bad it looks like parts could be copied and pasted at times. The grammar is not correct in some parts which is obviously a bad sign! At the start of the course, it’s mentioned how things are simplified and made easy for beginners, but this is not the case and a lot of parts are poorly explained and confusing. I made my way through the first module but it did not get any better wish I had hoped. I emailed and asked for a refund, but no reply. My advice is to not cut corners with a cheap nasty course like this and spend a little extra to get the best out of a qualification that you will have for life

11th May 2021 UPDATE:

Enjoy TEFL and TEFL Fullcircle, which are owned by the same company and run by the Managing Director, James Gillman, have threatened us with legal action if we don’t delete Enjoy TEFL and TEFL Fullcircle verified student and graduate reviews from Trusted TEFL Reviews.

Read more: https://trustedteflreviews.com/2021/05/11/tefl-fullcircle-and-enjoy-tefl/

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