Review of the UK-tefl Online certification course program

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Review of the TEFL UK Online certification course program.

3 star online tefl review

UKtefl review, written by Jenny.

I felt there was just too much text and that the information could have been combined with more pictures. The course is essentially just long paragraphs of writing, which becomes tedious quite early on. It made me feel dizzy at times.

However, it did mean that I was able to cover a lot of information, but I’m just not sure if this form of tuition is really a method that sticks in the memory of learners.

I completed the course a while back and still no job. I also feel UKtefl could help more with the job-hunting process. I have looked online but would be good to have a sounding board as I don’t really know what the going rate for teaching English is and the best places to teach English.

Not the worse course. I learned a lot. Just had issues with the course format and getting a job after.

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