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ITA Online TEFL Review.

4 star online tefl review

ITA Online TEFL Review International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Jeff.

Excellent course and has very good general support. ITA also offers you the opportunity of taking your teaching practice course segment as a kind of placement abroad. I’m considering maybe taking mine in Prague, Czech Republic. Although the school which they partner with there (The Language House Prague) seems to be run by someone named Chris who I’ve seen making many derogatory comments online about Online TEFL courses in general. I guess these must have been written before they teamed up with ITA. ITA also has partners in other countries too, so it really provides you with a wide amount of choices.

Be warned though that this course isn’t for slouchers. It is INTENSE and they really make you work for your certificate. Courses begin at the start of each month and each course is assigned a course teacher, there to act as a kind of personal tutor.

Which would you rather study? An easy course that doesn’t really teach you anything? Or an intense course that fully trains you up for life as a teacher of English? I’d choose the latter.

My only concern was the course price, which is much higher than similar programs out there.

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