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TEFL Express certification review.

4 star online tefl review

TEFL Express review, submitted by S.W.

TEFL Express certification review. Considering I only paid £28 for a £500 TEFL course, I’d say it would be very difficult not to give this program a good review. But of course, you get what you pay for and had I paid the full course price then I would definitely have felt ridiculously overcharged.

Regarding the course itself, their study system is complicated and not very intuitive. A couple of times all my work was wiped clear because of some button I clicked which logically should have submitted my work. The course content wasn’t intellectually demanding and I didn’t think that it really prepared me satisfactorily for teaching English, but the basics were covered and for the price, it was a cheap TEFL taster course.

The course and after-course support simply wasn’t there. But again, what do you expect for such a cheap course.

I would recommend this course for someone who just needs the TEFL certificate and who is able to persevere with the online course materials.

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