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ITTT review, submitted by Benjamin.

My ITTT review is based on my experience of the 120-hour Tefl Tesol certification course, with the addition of the upgrade I paid for personal tutor support. Unlike a lot of the other programs out there, ITTT charges extra for this support.

I thought the course was good. Going into the course, I did have some previous teaching experience (I taught two summer camps) so I had some basic grasp of the concepts of managing/directing a class.

My tutor was helpful with her feedback. It did sometimes take a little longer than I had hoped to get a response back to a question asked, but when I did get a reply it was usually useful in its content. And encouraging too. I really appreciated this.

I didn’t have any red flag moments on the course. All went as planned. You look at the task background information, you complete the task, and you move on to the next task.

I had the option of receiving the free PDF copy of the certificate and paying extra for the hardcopy one. I did pay the extra (I was expecting this charge at the end because I read a lot of ITTT reviews before I enrolled) and I am satisfied with how the certificate looks. When applying for jobs, I haven’t run up against any brick walls because of the certificate. I’m satisfied overall with the choice I made.

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  1. Benjamin.

    Thanks for writing a review of your ITTT TEFL program experience.

    We would advise everyone interested in the ITTT TEFL Program to check out this article first:

    The article highlights the questionable accreditation claims made by ITTT TEFL.

    ITTT TEFL operates under numerous different websites.
    It has been suggested that they do this to avoid being nailed down to one website where their customers can direct their complaints to.

    Also, be wary of a certain ‘Linda D.’ who writes on Quora in the guise of an ITTT TEFL graduate.
    She co-owns ITTT TEFL and her advice is basically aligned with the marketing department of ITTT TEFL.

    Mia Williams | Trusted TEFL Reviews

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