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“The TEFL Academy lies about their accreditation and support services”

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2 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Bruce.

I wrote a review of The TEFL Academy on another review website but it was deleted by the website moderators. They claimed it was because they couldn’t verify whether I was a TEFL Academy student or not, even though I presented my course certificate and copies of emails between the TEFL Academy and myself. I’m unsure if I can name that website here but it’s not too hard to find. The TEFL Academy has 5-star reviews after 5-star reviews on there and the website earns money from advertising its courses. I think Trusted TEFL Reviews is the only believable review website I’ve found so far when it comes to reviewing online TEFL and TESOL courses. The rest seem as though they are in the pockets of the TEFL and TESOL course programs. It’s shocking.

I bought into the lies that The TEFL Academy has published on their school website. The lies about them being accredited. They lie about all their happy grads teaching around the world. And the big lie is that they give amazing support and help you find a job. Yep, all of the above is not true. what is true is that the course is excellent, minus the odd spelling mistakes here and there in the content.

I can only give 2 stars because although the course was very good, The TEFL Academy lies about their accreditation and support services.

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