“The CIEE TEFL course met and then exceeded my expectations”

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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Chelsea.

Before taking this course, I knew nothing about teaching English. But now, I’m much more aware of the different grammar families and how they can most effectively be taught to non-native English speakers.

I would like to thank the online tutors, who were patient and supportive. Many times I reached out for help and each time I did the help was there for me. The section in the course where I experienced the most difficulties was when I had to present two or more grammar tenses. It’s relatively easy presenting one tense, but trying to present more at the same time means you have to focus on what differentiates each in common daily usage. In these teaching situations, a clearly defined timeline is your best friend.

Despite the intensity and the need to learn a lot of new information, I never felt overwhelmed by the course. The assignments effectively help you remember the content and demonstrate how best to present it to students. I particularly enjoyed creating lesson plans from scratch and then reading the feedback and making notes of where there was room for further improvement.

The CIEE TEFL course met and then exceeded my expectations. I recommend the program.

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