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“Is The TEFL Academy Accredited?”

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Is The TEFL Academy Accredited The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Renata.

Is The TEFL Academy Accredited?

I enrolled in The TEFL Academy 168-hour Level 5 course because I believed what I read about this company being accredited by a whole host of accreditation companies. One of my job applications was recently turned down and the company cited the reason as being that the company I got my TEFL certificate through is not recognized as a provider of accredited TEFL courses. They are recognized within the United Kingdom, but outside of that region, the certification is just a piece of paper with some fancy images printed on it. I’m angry with The TEFL Academy because I think it is deceitful that they claim they are accredited when they are not. The course wasn’t cheap either. I thought I would be receiving more by paying more, but it turns out I have received less by paying more. The TEFL Academy is only regulated by the companies which it claims accredit them. And this is a big difference. It means for example that anyone wanting to teach in China, won’t be able to use this certification because it is not accredited and you must have an accredited TEFL certificate to teach in China. So now I am back to square one again šŸ™

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  1. The TEFL Academy is best left avoided.
    I am one of their graduates.
    When I completed the course, they badgered me to leave a review on
    I refused to do it because I thought the course was overpriced and overrated, but a week later I saw that someone had written a review in my name regardless.
    This company is a true scam, run by a bunch of crooks.
    And the certificate isn’t even internationally recognized.
    Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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