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“OISE University of Toronto TEFL was a great experience!”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Sammy.

I enjoyed the course! An expensive TEFL course, but on the other hand worth the extra investment IMO. It was informative and I learned many new things: a) the use of multimedia in the classroom, incorporating YouTube and Vimeo; b) I also learned about the importance of the Learn By Play school of thought, including the use of activities and games; c) I also learned how to effectively present new language and how to present and practice grammar topics effectively. In summary, this course was full of helpful information which was packed into easy-to-digest modules. I also had help from my very own personal tutor, who gave support and advice along the way. My only complaint about the course was that sometimes it would focus too heavily on grammar, but I suppose that this can’t be avoided in a TEFL course. I do try to steer away from too much grammar teaching emphasis when I’m teaching (online) English now, but it’s reassuring to know that I have the relevant knowledge when it is requested. From my experience though most students just want to have a conversation and be corrected when they make any mistakes. Might be different if you are teaching at an in-person language school. OISE University of Toronto TEFL was a great experience! Absolutely no regrets.

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