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The TEFL Academy Pros and Cons The TEFL Academy (TTA) review, submitted by Jenny.

The TEFL Academy Pros and Cons (from my experience as a tutor on its 168-hour Level 5 course).


  1. The course was arranged and organized very well and has a user-friendly CMS learner system. I have studied some online courses before this one that had poor Content Management systems.
  2. When you complete the course, you receive a substantial list of job offers that are online and located in specific countries.
  3. You are not completely alone in the course. Whenever you have a question, you email the school, a ticket is assigned to you, and I tend to get a response back within a few business days. Overall, communication with the school was good.
  4. I have a teaching job (online) and my TEFL Academy certificate helped a lot in this process.


  1. As I soon discovered, every school I applied to for work asked whether I had the 120-hour TEFL certificate. When I answered that I had a 168-hour Level 5 certificate, they said it would do but the extra hours of tuition are meaningless.
  2. After completing the course, I received an email from the TEFL Academy that asked if I would leave a review for them on (fill in the blanks) websites, and that in return for my writing a review they would offer me a free Teaching Young Learners or Teaching Business English course. I think they mentioned Facebook,, Trust Pilot, and a few others. I wrote back that I might but I wanted to see how my certification was working for me in my new job before I committed to writing a review. I receive that same email each end of the week and I wonder how many of its reviews are written by people who just want the free course.

If I were to take a TEFL course again, I would take a 120-hour course because that strongly appears to be the gold standard for what online and abroad employers are looking for.

The TEFL Academy’s 168-hour Level 5 TEFL course was good, but it did raise many red flags.

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