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“I’m going to have to give Bridge TEFL a mixed review”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Frances.

Bridge TEFL Master Certificate review. I’m going to have to give Bridge TEFL a mixed review.

The benefits of the course: very good quality course content | online teachers were quick to respond to questions | the company is based in Colorado and the certificate therefore should be recognized in the US | feedback on assignments was swift and helpful | the certificate is professional looking | some job support is provided when you have completed the course.

Things I wasn’t happy about: the course is run on the Moodle platform and there is a steep learning curve to it, that happens right at the start of the course | the course scheduling is rigid with set study hours and it’s not possible to study when you feel like it | I thought the cost of the hard copy certificate was excessive.

Overall, I can attest that this is a top-quality course but with a few significant drawbacks.

Since taking the course I’ve compared what Bridge offers with some medium-priced programs offering the same amount of TEFL hours and I can’t see any real differences in what either offer.

You pay for the Bridge TEFL brand name and that may be something that some people are willing to sign up for, but if I were to have the choice again I would choose a cheaper 120-Hour TEFL course program and one with more scheduling flexibility.

I know that it will be possible to use the Bridge TEFL certification for jobs – online and abroad – but I don’t think it is necessarily the best value-for-money TEFL program.

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