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“Besides the cost of the tuition, I do recommend the i to i TEFL experience”

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4 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Thea.

I see a lot of bad reviews written about this program, but I was mostly satisfied with my TEFL education at i to i. The only thing was the cost of the course. When you factor in the certification fees and other costs it is expensive. But, I have not had any problems finding a job. I currently work for VIPKid and am satisfied with my salary and working conditions. When I was looking for a course to take I also considered the one offered by International Open Academy. It was much cheaper and covered the same amount of learning hours as the one provided by i to i. I’m glad I didn’t choose it though. Even though all I needed to show for the job at VipKids was a TEFL certificate, I did need to prove that I could teach when I began the teaching probation period and I just don’t think a cheap-as-chips TEFL course would have been up to scratch for this task. My advice is to pay more and you will get more in the long term. I’m just writing this because I connected with someone online who took the TEFL course with International Open Academy and they wrote that the course hardly taught them anything at all. One thing I was surprised at though is that VipKids didn’t care if my TEFL was an accredited one or not. So I wouldn’t say accreditation is all that essential. As long as you have the TEFL and it was a good enough course to teach you the basics then you should be fine wherever you apply for a job. I would like to add to my review that i to i also provide job placement services on their website. I don’t have any experience with this but I’m guessing this could be useful for people looking to travel overseas and work for the first time. Besides the cost of the tuition, I do recommend the i to i TEFL experience. You will learn something of value from the course and you will be able to use the certificate for job interviews.

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