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“Maximo Nivel specializes in placing teachers on the South American continent”

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Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Kris.

Maximo Nivel specializes in placing teachers on the South American continent, so if you have the plan to teach there then I can recommend their TEFL course. I took the course way back in 2017 and soon after I began teaching in Mendoza, Argentina. It was really easy finding a teaching position there and I absolutely loved the year and a half that I spent living in teaching in Argentina. One of the great things about living in Argentina is its close proximity to its neighbors: Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Uruguay. Intercity travel within Argentina is hassle-free as well, with the excellent buses serving up airline-style meals and with really comfortable seats. You won’t get rich teaching in Argentina (or anywhere else in South America for that matter) but you will meet incredible people, be able to travel frequently, and you will earn enough to etch out a comfortable local living standard. I can’t recommend the experience enough. Buena Suerte!

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