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“This was a great course and I am a very satisfied customer”

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Best TESOL in Canada OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Eleanor.

Best TESOL in Canada

This must be hands down the best TESOL course in Canada. It’s an expensive course, but you do get your money’s worth. I definitely got my money’s worth. For the equivalent of US$1,000, I had full access to the course, full access to online tutor support, and full access to the Teach Away job-finding service. I haven’t needed to use this last service yet, as I’m waiting to see when I can travel abroad to teach, but if their service is anything like UoT OISE’s then I will be a satisfied customer.

For me, the most useful part of the course was creating the lesson plans and then receiving constructive critical feedback on them. It’s one thing to take in lots of new information, but another thing entirely to be able to use the said information. Having to think up lesson plans helped me to process the course information into practical knowledge. Because of this process, I understand how a class should be divided into different sections. A structured class is important for the students as well as the teacher. I cringe at the thought of myself teaching classes in the future if I hadn’t learned how to properly structure a class.

If you decided to choose this course, I do recommend buying a good book on grammar. It will help to have a basic knowledge of grammar terms before you dive into the course, and you will probably need one for constant reference anyway when you begin teaching. This was a great course and I am a very satisfied customer.

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