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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Samantha.

I have recently completed my 150-hour CIEE combined online course in TEFL and TESOL training with 20 hours of teaching practice, which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my tutors Adam and Annette. I am especially grateful to Annette who gave clear and concise instructions. Thank you! I was a bit worried that the course might be beyond my capabilities because I’d never taught before, but the course accounts for this and doesn’t overload you with work, and avoids being unnecessarily complicated. Still, there were times when I did get confused and I bought a grammar book for the course so was able to reference it in the grammar modules. I would recommend investing in a good grammar book because the grammar modules will be difficult for people who haven’t studied grammar before. Well, I had studied grammar at school obviously, but that was a long time ago and also I don’t remember learning about the different definitions of grammar. As native speakers, we know the language, but it’s another thing to teach it effectively. I would highly recommend this provider to everyone who would like to study to become an English teacher overseas. Support is always at hand, and the service is very friendly.

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